What I Wore/ Vested Interest

Happy Wednesday everyone! Another week, another outfit. I will admit this week I was not grooving with the outfit choices in my closet. It might be about that time for a Fall wardrobe “pick-me-up” to add some UMPH into my closet. But really..do you ever have those days that you simply cannot find a single thing to get excited about? Then inevitably there are about 12 pairs of pants on the ground piled on top of blouses, shoes and jackets? It looked like a bomb went off before I decided on an outfit. 

I need to invest in a few staple pieces to switch out with my more basic items that I currently have a good hold on. This vest is one of the pieces I love to throw over most shirt styles to spruce them up a bit. 







Vest: Kensie

Top: Loft

Bottoms: Nordstrom

Shoes: Steve Madden 

Necklace: Madewell 

Thanks for following along everyone! Here’s to more What I wore posts to come! 

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