What I Wore: Sweater Dress

I struck gold a few weekends ago when I was putting away my summer shoes and found a whole storage bin of my winter boots I forgot I owned…it actually made me feel somewhat guilty to have so many shoes sitting away without knowing I owned them. The good news: I have a plethora of boot options for this season! It also got me wanting to take another stab at rummaging through my closet to donate to Good Will again. Once I find time, it will be done! In the meantime, I will get full use out of my existing shoe collection and pair them with some new pieces in my closet. Prime example below in my What I Wore: Sweater Dress edition. 


This past weekend was WINDY. I wore this dress out and then had to immediately go back inside to add a pair of leggings to be warm enough. Pro: this outfit is just as good with tights or thin leggings. 


I bought this necklace during one of my favorite trips to NYC with my best friends a few years back. There was a jewelry stand setup outside of Eataly while we were waiting for our brunch table. I splurged on a few pieces and this was one of the lasting pieces. 


I repeat, it was extremely windy. It made me miss my long hair that I could throw up in a top bun. 



Dress: Target

Shoes: Steve Madden

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