Weekend Rundown: Thanksgiving Edition

First and foremost, Happy belated Thanksgiving everyone! I hope everyone enjoyed a relaxing weekend with their loved ones. I also hope everyone still fits into their jeans this morning after a feast of a weekend. Thanksgiving is no joke. My sister-in-law approved leggings for Thanksgiving dress code and I could not have been happier to keep it casual this year. Yay for stretchy pants to allow for extra helpings at dinner. 

Our Thanksgiving dinner was at my brother’s house down in the Virginia Beach area.  My sidekick for the weekend is pictured below since we didn’t bring Bailey along for the trip. They have a total of four dogs already under their roof so we had our fill of puppy cuddles to hold us over. I brought my Roasted Root Vegetable Recipe which I had prepped the night before we left and transported in my favorite Le Creuset Casserole. If only I had the need to use this dish more throughout the year! After dinner we had a family viewing of the dog show since that’s pretty much my favorite part of Thanksgiving. Shoutout to the Greyhound for stealing the show. 


The trip felt like the perfect distance to be a getaway but also close enough that we made it home in a normal amount of time to still have Friday for activities. We had Friendsgiving later that night and I am sad to say I brought store bought pie because I didn’t have time to make homemade anything. I’ll save another round of sweet potato puffs for next year, I suppose! 

Saturday I treated myself to some extra snooze time and didn’t get out of bed until 10am….isn’t it funny how you kinda feel guilty about that as you get older? I had a brief moment of panic when I woke up and then I realized my list of to-do’s for the day weren’t time sensitive so I grabbed a book and cuddled with Bailey for a bit longer. I am now realizing I am dedicating a whole paragraph to my sleeping in and while that really excites me, it’s probably not so thrilling for you : )

Once Ben got home from detailing (he’s been keeping himself really busy lately!) we hopped in the car and headed to the country for the Christmas Tree Farm in Middleburg. It was a beautiful drive and even more beautiful property. The temperature probably dropped about 15 degrees from the time we left to our arrival on the farm but we roughed it. After a bit of walking around in the frigid temps, we picked a beaut and I was surprised with he ease at which Ben and his Dad chopped them down. Some regular Paul Bunyan action there. I love having a fresh and fragrant Christmas tree in the house for the holiday season. Anyone else feel me on that?



I took the opportunity on Sunday to do a little (late) Black Friday shopping…hoping there would still be some deals out there to grab. I was unpleasantly surprised to find out I would have to wait till Cyber Monday to release my need to shop the deals. After catching up on my workout video regime, I left for Brunch in DC with friends for a friend’s birthday. We went to a Barcelona inspired restaurant called Boqueria and it was delicious. Tapas heaven with a side of Mimosas and Bloody Mary’s. I stayed in the city longer than expected and then feel asleep as soon as I got home..which I am ashamed to admit was about 7:30pm. But hey, like my Mom always said “I must’ve needed it”! 🙂 Brunch dishes featured below:


I have left Christmas tree decorating to Monday night- more to come on that and some homemade holiday treats that are perfect for gift giving. Stay tuned 🙂 

Did anyone else get into the holiday spirit over the long weekend? 

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