Weekend Rundown: November Birthdays

I hope you all had a great weekend! As I type, I am enjoying a large cup of coffee while reflecting on a whirlwind weekend. I have a mug which reads “I really need a day between Saturday and Sunday” and I cannot agree more at this very moment. It’s increasingly difficult to have down time on the weekends with the holidays approaching and the amount of birthdays my friends and family celebrate this month. Cheers to November! 

Friday night we had dinner to celebrate my mom’s 60th at Bastille in Old Town Alexandria. Food and Drink menu was amazing. They had a specialty drink menu which was election themed…I got a drink with absinth in it which might be necessary to repeat once the election results are in this week. I got a Rainbow Trout for my entree and I cleaned the plate which never happens so that’s a good indication of my satisfaction with the restaurant. Overall, highly recommend trying this place for a date night! Dessert pictures below:img_1765

Saturday morning I woke up in a tizzy to get everything done for my husband’s surprise party on Sunday before he got home in the early afternoon. My legs have never moved so quickly! My favorite errand of the day- Whole Foods for fresh eggs, chocolate milk and applewood bacon to make a birthday breakfast on Sunday. I also deemed it acceptable to get fresh flowers for the house while I was there. Yay for the weekend.  


After running the errands, I rushed home to put everything together. Isn’t is funny how no matter how many times you say that you will planning advance for things…it never seems to happen? Yes, I did plan ahead for little personal touches for the party but in terms of decorations and such it always seems to be a last minute scramble. Good thing I had this girl to help me with it all. 


It was also another close friends’ birthday on Saturday so after done with these things, I left to meet up with everyone. I was secretly holding out in hopes that my husband would be done early at work and we could go together but no such luck :/ I met everyone at a winery and it was perfect Fall weather. 


Saturday evening my friend Kerry came over to pick up the items for the party on Sunday.  I did a last minute check list in my head of everything I had to give to her and thank goodness I didn’t forget anything. Anybody who knows me is well aware my memory is embarrassingly bad. Everything was set for the next day and now all I had to do was keep it a secret and not act totally sketchy all day before we arrived. Piece of cake. 


We woke up Sunday morning and I make breakfast, we cuddled with Bailey and Ben went to get Starbucks. All very typical Sunday morning things except I upped the ante on breakfast and it turned out pretty phenomenal. We decided to take Bailey on a long walk together at a local park and then when we got back Ben relaxed because he is sick at the moment…poor guy being sick on his birthday. 

We left for the Brewery in the afternoon and I was acting cool as a cucumber. He really had no clue at this point that anything was in the works. As we were approaching the Brewery, I had to think of something to distract his vision from seeing any recognizable cars so I asked him to find an (imaginary) wallet under my seat. I insisted it had to be found at that very moment and that set off red flags for him because I’m usually very “go with the flow”. But alas, as we walked into the back of the brewery, everyone was waiting with balloons and screams and he was shocked. SURPRISE achieved! Thank you to Old Ox Brewery for having us 🙂 




The party was a perfect Sunday afternoon festivity to celebrate him entering his thirties complete with snacks, food truck catering by BaconN’Ed’s, beer and friends. After the party, we went to his parent’s house for a birthday dinner. Needless to say, I need to detox a bit this week. 

I have a busy week of posts planned for you! In the meantime, feel free to follow along on instagram and pinterest!

Have a great Monday!


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