Weekend Rundown (Holiday Spirit)

Fa la la la la it’s crazy season! December days are chock full of things to do it’s a miracle I’m able to cross all the things off my list! Granted, a lot on my checklists do inevitably roll over to the next day. I am dreaming of January and being able to catch up on my personal life after our busy season in the events and catering world. It’s such a rush getting to see these events come to life over the weeks of planning but goodness gracious my mind never shuts off with things I need to do to keep organized and stay on top of everything. My sister asked recently if I had ever heard of Float tanks as a form of stress relief but to be honest, I think I would have a panic attack from sitting still and only being with my thoughts for an hour. Perhaps I need bit more research on this! Has anyone ever gone for a float before? 

The past weekend came and went with a huge feeling of accomplishment. Friday night we were supposed to go to the MGM National Harbor opening but as the day progressed the news was more or less warning people to stay away. Since none of the group felt like being mugged or trampled, we decided to play it safe and go to Maryland Live Casino. It was a fun night and I left with an extra few hundred dollars after hitting “0” with $20 split between 0/00. Woop woop. I always knew one day that plan would work out well for me! 

Saturday morning was a lazy one since we were up so late the night before. Being in the casino made me realize how badly I needed my glasses back in my life since the wheel had to spin at least twice before I realized I had indeed hit the number I bet on. The delayed reaction was probably pretty humorous to watch. I did some things around the house and then head to Georgetown to Warby Parker to try on their entire glasses selection. I had ordered 2 at home try on boxes but none of them were just right. Let me tell you what a wonderful experience the store was though! I found my glasses within about 30 minutes with the help of a kind associate and then ordered them right then and there for $95. Amazing. I’m thinking of writing a review on here just to capture how truly magical the shopping experience was there. Then I strolled around Georgetown for a bit just admiring the beauty of the city. Took a lot of pictures of doors, walls and streets- I’m thinking of officially labeling this as one of my favorite hobbies. 


Saturday evening we went to pick up a new couch since we cannot seem to decide on one that works well in our apartment. Let me say, I think the third time’s the charm. We went back to an L shaped couch and we are both in seventh heaven with the amount of space we have to sprawl out. After we got back from picking up the couch, I had to rush to an event. I stayed there for a bit and made sure everything was perfect and then went straight to babysitting our little nephew, Joseph. I learned how to properly change cloth diapers and brushed up on my Corduroy Bear trivia knowledge.

Sunday  morning I rushed to do as much around the house as I could before I had to take care of some things for work. Once this was done, I agreed to help my mom pick up a table from Craigslist with Ben (the muscles of the operation). On the way, we made the most of the trip and stopped for coffee and the Workhouse Arts Center for some photo ops. Once home on Sunday evening, I was so excited and finally had time to address all our Christmas cards for the year. I officially feel like it’s the Holiday Season and I cannot wait for family time with a large side of relaxation. The ski trip we have planned is calling my name! 


How was your weekend? Did you partake in any festive activities?

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