Weekend Rundown

Happy Monday and Happy Halloween everyone! I hope everyone was able to partake in some spooky and festive things in this past weekend. I’m so excited to hand out candy this year to all the trick or treaters. Bailey even has her “old man” jacket to dress up and most likely just sit on the couch just as an old man would. But first, I reminisce on this past weekend which was chock full of good memories. Follow along below! 


The image above is not my announcement but I AM the person behind the lens. Friday evening my best friend came over and we helped her take the images to use for her pregnancy announcement. It was a race against sunset but we did it! She posted it Saturday morning and I could not be happier for her. We get to meet this little one in April! 


Five years ago I planned an impromptu camping trip for my husband and his best friend’s birthday. It turned into tradition and THANK goodness every year it gets warmer and warmer. The first year we could see our breathe around the campfire and our feet were icicles by the end of the night. Needless to say, the 80 degree weather this past weekend was a great change of pace. We went with a  smaller group than usual but it was a perfect trip nonetheless. 


First beer by the fire. We were basically Blue Moon spokespeople this entire trip. You’re welcome, Blue Moon. 


Showing Bailey where she would sleep would keep us up all night.  I finally moved to the car with her at 3am and then woke up to her sitting straight up in the seat staring out the window at 7am. Poor girl didn’t even get a wink of shuteye. She’s passed out next to me as we speak and might not wake up until Friday judging by her breathing. 


The ladies of the trip. 

Up to no good. 


An artsy campfire pic thanks to one of the boys. 


And then, there was this on Sunday. Not pictured: the girls sitting in the car trying to keep the dog calm. She actually hated the car ride to the top of the mountain more than she did the sound of the shooting range. Who would have guessed?


The road trip home was pretty typical. Starbucks run, snacks and then me crawling into the back seat for some puppy cuddles. 

We finished the weekend out with a scary movie and a salmon salad for dinner since my body was craving all things green and nutritious. Weekend getaway cuisine (especially at a campsite) doesn’t leave me feeling too balanced in terms of diet. We had NO reception at this site which left me no choice but to put my phone away. One of my favorite things about camping is unplugging for a night. Sometimes, we need to hit the “reset” button. This weekend was a perfect reset before the coming busy weeks!

What did you do over the holiday weekend? Any other campers?

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