Weekend Rundown

Happy Monday everyone! 

Another weekend has come and gone but this one was jam packed with friends and family activity with a bit of work thrown in as well. ‘Tis busy season!!

Friday was a girls’ night at my best friend’s house with her little bundle of adorableness adding to the trio. These girls are more like sisters and it’s not often enough that we can all 3 get together anymore since we are all living our busy adult lives. Needless to say, it was a refreshing night! 

Saturday morning I got up early and hung around the house with an oversized cup of coffee and finally finished my Bookcase Makeover which I have been trying to find time to finish forever.  I followed this up with the more mundane weekend “chores” and baking that I knew I wouldn’t have time for on Sunday. I honestly don’t know how a family of more than two humans find time to do all their laundry. 


*Backseat Creeper while running errands*

This was followed by some activities to make a close friend of mine get through a rough patch. And then….there was hockey! 


*Game Faces*

My work was kind enough to gift me with tickets to the opening night at Verizon Center for the Caps game. The game was amazing, the seats were better and the food was DELISH. Except the pretzel…I’m pretty sure that was leftover from last season. It was such a fun experience being so close to the ice and actually being able to see the players skill right in front of your eyes. It was a total different experience than our typical “nose bleed” seats : ) 

Sunday always begins a little something like this….Life is HARD for a pit. 


*Refusing to allow me to make the bed*

After a brisk walk in the GORGEOUS weather we had this past weekend it was time for a site visit for work . But I couldn’t complain too much because it was a good way to soak in this view at Shadow Creek:


Virginia is for lovers, ya’ll.

After the site visit, I rushed home for a quick (and I mean 3 minute quick) wardrobe change before heading to my best friend’s little boy’s Christening following by a get together at there Mom’s house. The remainder of the evening was spent getting ready for the week ahead. 

Conclusion after this weekend: There really needs to be an extra day in between Saturday and Sunday. 

Have a lovely week everyone!



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