Weekend Rundown

Happy Monday everyone! Let’s all take a moment to raise our coffee (or tea!) and cheers to the weekend past and embrace the week ahead. You have to stay cheerful and excited fro the week ahead on Mondays, right? 

While the weekend was rainy and drab the silver lining was we got to sleep with the windows open to the sound of rain. The patter of raindrops is the most serene and natural way to wake up. YAY for the occasional stretch of overcast and rainy weather on the weekends!


While I would’ve loved to stock up on popcorn, wine and pumpkin flavored goodies to have a Netflix binge…I had a busy weekend between work and family events.  We were on the go the entire weekend and somehow it always feels like there really needs to be another day between Saturday and Sunday. Ya feel me? 

Friday night we stayed in since my husband was feeling a cold coming on (bring on the protective blend essential oils!) and ain’t nobody got time for being sick. I caught up on some work things, we made dinner, watched a movie and had some quality time with this girl: 

(She was thoroughly happy with this decision)

Saturday morning the rain was steady enough to wake me before my alarm clock but I embraced it and got up early to ease into the day. I took Bailey for a walk which actually turned into a run because it started to pour buckets when we were pretty far from the house with no umbrella or rain jacket. Bailey loathes the rain and usually refuses to even be walked if she knows it’s precipitating but she had no choice this time! She kept shaking herself off and looking up at me like I was personally showering her with water. Needless to say, she was not a happy camper when we returned home and she looked like she had just taken a bath. It was nothing a little towel couldn’t fix! 

I was lucky enough to visit my wedding venue on Saturday for work. Although it was raining and we went with Plan B, the event was still gorgeous and the grounds were picturesque. img_1148


 After the wedding, I went straight to a family get together and then to visit my best friend who recently had her baby. She amazes me with the ease at which she approaches having a newborn! 

Sunday we had our typical morning routine and then  went to another family gathering with extended family. We passed Burnside Farms on the way back home and had to stop for some festive Autumn decorations and treats. dsc_0322


The cutest little squash you ever did see. 



These candy sticks always make me SOO HAPPY.  They always had them at this orchard we used to visit when I was younger in New Hampshire. And Connecticut too. I resisted the urge to get some but did snag a pic. 


Left with a pumpkin for a DIY coming to the blog at a later date. 

I’ve been feeling sluggish and in real need for a cleanse so I’m gearing up for a 3 day juice cleanse Monday-Wednesday of this week. I try to stick to doing a juice cleanse every 6 months or so for my body to have a good “reset” and I highly recommend this to everyone!

I’m thinking of posting my experience with it for you all to read. Any interest? 

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