Top 5 Holiday Bucket List

Christmas season is in full swing and I’m loving all the warm and fuzzies that come along with the most wonderful time of the year. If you’re like me, you start to think about all the seasonal activities at your fingertips. Shortly after that, you start to feel a little overwhelmed wondering how you’re going to fit in baking your favorite cookies while also trying to be the best secret santa ever. There’s a lot to jam into this wonderful little month so to help focus, I’ve narrowed it down and created a Top 5 Holiday Bucket List which has a little bit of everything for ya’ll. 

Similar to this post, I created a Fall Bucket List  and I am happy to say I have completed nearly all these activities. *You Go, Glen Coco* 

Holiday Bucket List:

  1. Pick out a Christmas Tree at a Tree Farm

Last weekend, we went to Middleburg Christmas Tree Farm to start a new tradition. Can you call it a tradition if you only plan on doing it every year? I would like to this yes. We grabbed a wagon and took a walk around the farm until we found the perfect blue spruce. We’ve put it up decorated it and then agreed that it needs more ornaments but it’s cozy and bright and makes our apartment feel just right. I highly recommend cutting down your own tree! 

     2. Try a new baking recipe. 

Typically, I would list baking your favorite Christmas cookie recipe but this year I felt the need to jazz things up a bit. I stumbled upon this amazing recipe for Homemade Peppermint Patties (found on Mels Kitchen Cafe) and knew I’d struck gold. My husband and I both love these candies and the no bake option was all I needed to hear. While this may sound super easy, there are a few steps to these treats including freezing and then setting with the chocolate but it’s worth it!

      3. Visit the National Christmas Tree

The National Christmas tree has been an American holiday tradition since 1923. I’ll spare you the full list of history details but President Calvin Coolidge started this pretty awesome tradition.  We’ve been making the drive into DC to see the National Christmas Tree for about 5 years now and it’s my favorite activity every year.

You can visit the tree with intricate train track running below it and also walk around the Pathway of Peace which has 57 state and territory trees decorated uniquely to each tree. There used to be a yule log burning which was much needed relief from the frigid cold but I haven’t seen this in a few years. I cross my gingers every year they’ll bring it back! 

   4. Grab a Drink at Miracle on 7th St. 

The Christmas themed Pop- up bar Miracle on 7th St. in DC is seriously magical for all you DC dwellers. If you’re looking to enjoy a cocktail in a true Winter Wonderland setting, this is your bet.  It’s open from Sunday-Thursday 5pm-12:30am and Friday-Saturday 5pm-1:30am through New year’s Eve. The decor is UNREAL and I’ve heard the drinks are sure to warm your spirits. 

   5. Sponsor a Family in need for Christmas

Get in the spirit of giving! Probably the most rewarding part of the season is helping out less fortunate families in need. Our church has a Christmas giving tree where you select a tag from the tree which lists a gift to purchase for a family in need. There are several other options out there including Operation Christmas Miracle  which allows you to adopt either a single child or a family to support for the holidays. Whether you’re able to give one gift or support a whole family, it’s a great way to get in the holiday spirit. 

Time to start making your list and checking it twice!

What’s on your bucket list this year? Leave a comment to let me know!

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