Finding a Silver Lining

Today is the day we were supposed to leave for our cross country road trip. A mix of feelings have come over me and I have a strong pang of emotion over the loss of the trip. As you’re reading this, you are probably thinking to yourself…mmm….no big deal/why is she being so over the top dramatic? But this trip was a lot of things for me. For us. It was a trip I have been wanting to take ever since I can remember. A trip which would expose me to so many different cultural experiences in this vast country. A trip which would bring me one step closer to being ready to buy a house and grow our family. A trip which would most likely introduce me to some of the most tasty and delicious meals of my life. Because let’s face it, it’s all about food while traveling. 

I take the loss of the trip with a grain of salt. Tell myself everything happens for a reason and better things will come. There must be a silver lining somewhere along the way and it just hasn’t made itself apparent yet. At least I don’t have to be without Bailey for a whole week and a half, right? I know that staying positive is the best outlook so that is what I plan on doing…but just for this moment…I will allow myself to dwell until the silver lining becomes apparent. 

We’re all allowed to give into our emotions sometimes, right?

There was nowhere to go but everywhere, 

So just keep on rolling under the stars.

-jack  kerouac 


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