DIY Natural Essential Oil Soft Scrub

Emphatically dubbed “miracle scrub” by my husband, this gentle yet effective cleaner has become a staple in our apartment. This Homemade DIY Soft Scrub opened my eyes to the power of natural cleaning. It has some major grime fighting ingredients and to top it off, I add lemon and orange essential oils for added cleaning power and a fresh scent. 

Through research and endless google searches, I became all too aware of the unholy amount of harmful chemicals in everyday cleaning products. I won’t name any names but after doing a check on the supplies we use nearly everyday, I  decided to see how a natural cleaner would compare to the chemical filled mainstream products. My mind was blown at the results from this all natural cleaner. It tears through dirt and stops mildew in its tracks. The combination of these simple ingredients will take care of all your kitchen, bathroom and tile cleaning needs- naturally!

A little background on the ingredients: 

Baking Soda– a proven staple cleaning product for decades that takes care of stains and odors at the same time. 
Liquid Castille Soap- Organic and certified free trade ingredients. Allows you to deep clean your house without synthetic ingredients, detergents and foaming agents. I use either Citrus or Eucalyptus scents and both work wonders. 
White Vinegar– tough on bacteria, mildew and dirt. Kills nearly all household germs, bacteria, mold and mildew without the strong fumes.
Lemon Essential Oil– antiseptic, anti fungal and antiviral. It will kill all surface germs and purify the air in your home. It also has a bright, light and fresh scent.
Orange Essential Oil– this essential oil is tough on grease and adds more antiseptic power. It is also a proven antifungal and antibacterial. Added bonus: it’s uplifting and is shown to alleviate stress and anxiety.  
1 Cups Baking Soda
1/4  Cup Liquid Castille Soap (I use Dr. Bronner’s Soap)
2 Tablespoons Distilled White Vinegar
5 Drops Lemon Essential Oil
5 Drops Orange Essential Oil
Teaspoons of water for desired consistency
1 Mason Jar or air tight container


1. Grab a medium sized mixing bowl.
2. Pour Baking Soda into the bowl and stir in Liquid Castille Soap and Vinegar. Continue to stir until a paste forms.
Note: the mixture will bubble and fizz like a 4th grade science experiment when you first combine the ingredients. 
3. Blend in Lemon & Orange Essential Oils.
4. Add teaspoons of water until desired consistency is achieved.
5. Pour into a mason jar or another type of air tight container.
Store in an air tight container at room temperature. Enjoy the power of this all natural cleaner for months to come!


Tip: You can also add Melaleuca Essential Oil for an added KICK of antibacterial power!




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