I am anxiously awaiting the start to the month which brings umpteen birthdays (including my own!) and Thanksgiving which is arguably the best holiday of the bunch. As I look forward to so many things in the coming weeks, I wanted to share some snippets of things currently going on in this life of mine.

 Good grief, where do I begin?

Anticipating: Thanksgiving in all it’s food loving glory. I think I’ll try a new side dish and dessert this year. Creme brûlée has always been on my list of things to try. Would I be totally shunned if this took place of pumpkin pie?…

Watching: Election coverage…the position we’re in is amazing to me but I am not going to get all political on here 🙂 

Listening: The The Lumineers newest album Cleopatra. I could listen to the song “Sleep on the Floor” on repeat for days. It makes me want to pack up our things, grab the dog, pack the car and take a spontaneous trip to anywhere. 

Baking: Brownies for my husband’s annual birthday trip. Baking on a Saturday morning  starts the day on the right foot with a relaxing activity and a lick of chocolate before you even make breakfast. YUM. 

Reading: It Ends With Us by Colleen Hoover. Yes, this was last month’s book club book. Yes, I still need to finish it even though we already met and talked about it. 

Sipping: On a Caramel Apple Spice from Starbucks for a splurge. These drink are so filled with sugar but it’s worth every drop. 

Snacking:  On some homemade Popcorn over the stove. Adding things like garlic salt, palm oil and sea salt. Oh my!

Planning: A trip for my husband and I to make up for our cross country road trip that got squashed. I keep telling myself everything happens for a reason so I this trip in the works will have to make up for it. 

Wishing: I could be enjoying an omelette, a cup of coffee and creme brûlée to chase it down with from La Provence in California. My friend and I went there nearly every day on our trip 5 years ago. Again, worth every ounce of goodness. 

Working: Towards waking up earlier in the morning. I have been pushing it recently because I am truly not a morning person but it has been such a positive change that I want to keep pushing earlier. The snooze button is feeling mighty rejected recently. 

Loving: The crisp air with the chilly reminder that winter is coming. It gives me a good reason to stay under my cozy comforter for a few extra minutes in the morning. 

What are your favorite currents? Comment below to share!

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