Hello there, I'm Martha!
I live in Northern Virginia with my husband and our charming rescue dog, Bailey. I graduated with a degree in History but found myself with a love for food and events. One could say I have a pretty eclectic palette of interests and Root + Revelry is the record of my life's adventures. 

A few Tidbits about Me:

Things I love: Planning Trips, Seafood and Otters. 

Favorite Color: Brown. But for the sake of conventionality, peach.

Dislike: Cheeseburgers. Hate them. Always will. 

Go-To Cocktail:Vodka Martini with extra olives

Wanderlust Goals: I dream of going to Greece every single day.

Advice: Be Kind. Smile Often. Laugh Hard. 

Enjoy and thank you for visiting!

About Root + Revelry.

Root: (n) 1. part of the plan that anchors it and absorbs nutrients for it to grow; the cause or source of something

Revelry: (n) 1. lively festivities; merrymaking